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Public Release: 13-Jul-2018
Researchers to target mosquito egg production to curtail disease
Entomologists at the University of California, Riverside, have received a five-year grant of $2.44 million from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to investigate the role hormones play in the female mosquito's ability to use human blood for egg production. The funding will allow the entomologists to introduce novel research tools for genetic manipulation, such as CRISPR, in their research.
NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Contact: Iqbal Pittalwala
University of California - Riverside

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Public Release: 13-Jul-2018
Seth Davidovits wins 2018 Marshall N. Rosenbluth dissertation award
Seth Davidovits, a 2017 graduate of the Program in Plasma Physics in the Princeton University Department of Astrophysical Sciences, has won the 2018 Marshall N. Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award presented by the American Physical Society.
National Science Foundation, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, National Nuclear Security Agency

Contact: John Greenwald
DOE/Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

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Public Release: 13-Jul-2018
Taxing American wars creates accountability, prevents lengthy conflict
Sarah Kreps, associate professor of government at Cornell University, argues that part of the reason is the lack of a war tax -- a special levy historically paid by the American people during times of war.

Contact: Rachel Rhodes
Cornell University

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