News by Subject Biology

News Release 14-Aug-2019

Genetic census of the human microbiome

Harvard Medical School
News Release 13-Aug-2019

Lost in translation: Researchers discover translator gene may play a role in disease

University of Western Ontario
News Release 13-Aug-2019

Anti-viral immune discovery could lead to better vaccines

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
News Release 13-Aug-2019

Researchers identify how vaginal microbiome can elicit resistance to chlamydia

University of Maryland School of Medicine
News Release 12-Aug-2019

Study examines a million corals one by one in urgent call to save reefs

University of California - Irvine
News Release 12-Aug-2019

Leishmania virulence strategy unveiled

Institut national de la recherche scientifique - INRS
News Release 12-Aug-2019

Monash University study finds way to disarm dangerous bacteria

Monash University