News by Subject Atmospheric Science

Public Release: 23-Mar-2019

Breakthrough in air purification with a catalyst that works at room temperature

Tokyo Metropolitan University
Public Release: 21-Mar-2019

Medicine and personal care products may lead to new pollutants in waterways

Rutgers University
Public Release: 20-Mar-2019

Turn off a light, save a life, says new UW-Madison study

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Public Release: 19-Mar-2019

'Insectageddon' is 'alarmist by bad design': Scientists point out the study's major flaws

Pensoft Publishers
Public Release: 19-Mar-2019

Bright skies for plant-based jet fuels

DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Public Release: 18-Mar-2019

Uncertain projections help to reveal the truth about future climate change

University of Exeter
Public Release: 18-Mar-2019

EPFL researchers make a key discovery on how alpine streams work

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne