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News Release 7-Aug-2019

Medical mistrust impacts African American men's preventive health, but racism also matters

University of Connecticut
News Release 1-Aug-2019

Levels of 'ugly cholesterol' in the blood are much higher than previously imagined

University of Copenhagen The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
News Release 30-Jul-2019

Increased risk of cardiovascular disease for healthy 75-year-olds who stop taking statins

European Society of Cardiology
News Release 25-Jul-2019

Study reveals how HIV infection may contribute to metabolic conditions

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
News Release 23-Jul-2019

MicroRNAs from human fat cells can impair macrophage ability to eliminate cholesterol

Children's National Health System
News Release 23-Jul-2019

More heart attacks and strokes when cholesterol-lowering prescription rejected or unfilled

The Familial Hypercholesterolemia Foundation
News Release 23-Jul-2019

Mediterranean diet during pregnancy reduces gestational diabetes and weight gain

Queen Mary University of London