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News Release 20-May-2019

Duchenne muscular dystrophy prevalence increases, while incidence remains steady

Deerfield Management (Deerfield Institute Division)
News Release 20-May-2019

Glucocorticoid use associated with nearly double the risk for infection after joint replacement surgery in patients with RA

American College of Physicians
News Release 13-May-2019

Reviews highlight new advances in our understanding of focal and sclerotic bone diseases

International Osteoporosis Foundation
News Release 9-May-2019

A link between mitochondrial damage and osteoporosis

University of Pennsylvania
News Release 6-May-2019

Researchers find protein that suppresses muscle repair in mice

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, News Bureau
News Release 3-May-2019

Messenger cells bring good news for bone healing, USC stem cell study finds

University of Southern California - Health Sciences
News Release 1-May-2019

The mystery behind cleft palate and lips: Study shines a light on genetic factors

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
News Release 30-Apr-2019

New 3D imaging and visualization technique provides detailed views of muscle architecture

University of Missouri-Columbia