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Public Release: 25-Mar-2019

Minimally invasive uterine fibroid treatment safer and as effective as surgical treatment

Society of Interventional Radiology
Public Release: 24-Mar-2019

New IR treatment for 'tennis elbow' reduces pain and inflammation without surgery

Society of Interventional Radiology
Public Release: 23-Mar-2019

Another possible consequence of the opioid epidemic: hormone deficiencies

The Endocrine Society
Public Release: 22-Mar-2019

New model found effective in predicting risk of opioid overdose

Carnegie Mellon University
Public Release: 20-Mar-2019

Disease burden in osteoarthritis is similar to rheumatoid arthritis

Public Release: 20-Mar-2019

In humans, an anesthetic rightly timed can weaken the strength of a traumatic memory

American Association for the Advancement of Science
Public Release: 17-Mar-2019

Study suggests painkillers taken during pregnancy not a cause of asthma in kids

European Lung Foundation