News by Subject Technology & Engineering

News Release 14-Feb-2020

Longstanding flaw in sensor readings could lead to heating and cooling design errors

Princeton University, Engineering School
News Release 13-Feb-2020

Hydropower dams cool rivers in the Mekong River basin, satellites show

University of Washington
News Release 13-Feb-2020

Reasons why megaprojects fail

University College London
News Release 12-Feb-2020

What is the best way to encourage innovation? Competitive pay may be the answer

University of California - San Diego
News Release 4-Feb-2020

Extreme weather conditions can tax urban drainage systems to the max

University of British Columbia Okanagan campus
News Release 4-Feb-2020

Southern Illinois' Len Small levee likely to fail even if repaired, study says

University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
News Release 30-Jan-2020

Self-learning heating control system saves energy

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA)
News Release 27-Jan-2020

Current model for storing nuclear waste is incomplete

Ohio State University