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News Release 18-May-2020

A scalable method of diagnosing HVAC sensor faults in smart buildings

Chinese Association of Automation
News Release 18-May-2020

Double helix of masonry -- Researchers discover the secret of Italian renaissance domes

Princeton University, Engineering School
News Release 14-May-2020

How interstitial ordering affects high-strength steels

Ruhr-University Bochum
News Release 7-May-2020

A radar for plastic: High-resolution map of 1 kilometer grids to track plastic emissions in seas

Tokyo University of Science
News Release 6-May-2020

Fly ash geopolymer concrete: Significantly enhanced resistance to extreme alkali attack

University of Johannesburg
News Release 5-May-2020

Evaluation of pedestrian walking speed change patterns at crosswalks in Palestine

Bentham Science Publishers
News Release 30-Apr-2020

Energy generated on offshore wind turbine farms, and conveyed ashore as hydrogen fuel

University of the Basque Country