News by Subject Chemistry & Physics

News Release 16-Aug-2019

uSEE breakthrough unlocks the nanoscale world on standard biology lab equipment

Macquarie University
News Release 15-Aug-2019

Tiny lensless endoscope captures 3D images of objects smaller than a cell

The Optical Society
News Release 12-Aug-2019

Researchers turn off backscattering, aim to improve optical data transmission

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, News Bureau
News Release 12-Aug-2019

Thinnest optical waveguide channels light within just three layers of atoms

University of California - San Diego
News Release 9-Aug-2019

Scientists can now control thermal profiles at the nanoscale

University of Washington
News Release 9-Aug-2019

New retroreflective material could be used in nighttime color-changing road signs

University at Buffalo
News Release 7-Aug-2019

A long time ago, galaxies far, far away

University of Tokyo
News Release 6-Aug-2019

Non-invasive imaging method spots cancer at the molecular level

The Optical Society