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First book on the Timoshenko-Ehrenfest beam theory in 100 years

Dr. Isaac Elishakoff authors the key reference in study of stocky beams and thick plates in its numerous applications in mechanical, aerospace, civil, ocean and marine engineering fields

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Handbook on Timoshenko-Ehrenfest Beam and Uflyand-Mindlin Plate Theories

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Beams and plates are indispensable, and are often occurring elements of every civil, mechanical, and aerospace structure. Classical Bernoulli-Euler beam and Kirchhoff-Love plate theories are applicable for slender beams and thin plates, respectively. For stocky structures one has to take into account rotary inertia and shear deformation. Timoeshenko and Ehrenfest developed their theory in years 1911-1912; since then thousands of papers have been published on the subject but no book summarizing their results has been written.

Until now.

Handbook on Timoshenko-Ehrenfest Beam and Uflyand-Mindlin Plate Theories discusses numerous controversial issues, like the issue of the second spectrum, shear correction coefficient, matter of priority. The book suggests intermediate theories of beams and plates vividly showing that original Timeoshenko-Ehrenfest and Uflyand-Mindlin theories are unnecessarily overcomplicated.

The book can be by researchers, engineers and graduate students dealing with beams and plates. It retails US$242 / £215 (hardback). To order or know more about the book, visit


About the Author

Isaac Elishakoff serves as the Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Florida Atlantic University. He also holds a courtesy appointment as a Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He was born in Kutaisi, Republic of Georgia. Prior to joining the Florida Atlantic University, he taught for one year at the Abkhazian University, Sukhumi, Republic of Georgia, and 18 years at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa where he became a full professor in 1984.

He has also occupied several visiting positions at Notre Dame, the Naval Postgraduate School and at Stanford University; Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands; the University of Rome and the University of Bologna in Italy; Fellow of the Japan Society for Promotion of Science, at the Universities of Tokyo and Kyoto; Visiting Eminent Scholar at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Hunan University, and Visiting Professor at the National University of Defense Technology, China and a Distinguished Visiting Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering at the University of Southampton, UK.

Dr. Elishakoff is a recipient of the Bathsheva de Rothschild prize (1973). In 2016, he was awarded the ASME Worcester Reed Warner Medal in literature "for seminal contributions to the permanent literature of engineering research through highly praised books on probabilistic theory of structures, elastic stability, the stochastic finite element method, safety factors and reliability of composite structures; and numerous breakthrough research papers over past 40 years" and the William B Johnson Inter-Professional Founders Award "in recognition for a lifetime achievement of accomplishments in applied mechanics research and instruction which affect world-wide advancement of business, culture, and learning", Engineers Council, in 2019.

Dr Elishakoff was elected as a Fellow of American Academy of Mechanics in 1991, for outstanding contributions to random vibrations of structures and pioneering contributions to uncertainty modeling. In 2009, a special Symposium on Stability, Structural Reliability, and Random Vibrations in Honor of Professor Isaac Elishakoff was organized in his honor and a special issue of International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics was dedicated to I Elishakoff in 2012.

In 2010, he was named a Foreign Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences. In 2011, he was elected a Member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts and he was also named a Fellow of ASME. He was also elected as the Full member, Georgian Academy of Engineering.

Dr. Elishakoff has published about 500 original papers in leading national and international journals and conference proceedings. In addition to extensive research, he has developed numerous undergraduate and graduate courses, including apparently the first engineering course worldwide "Design for Homeland Security". He is the author, coauthor, editor or coeditor of 30 books and edited volumes.

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