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‘The Analyst Roundtable’ Series on quantum technology industry debuts

Monthly video series features perspectives from top industry analysts regarding the latest news and developments from fast-growing sector

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February 14, 2022 - The Analyst Roundtable, a monthly video series by top analysts in the global quantum technology industry providing informed commentary on the fast-growing sector’s latest news and developments, has launched and is available to the public.   

Hosted by media tech company Quantum World Detangled, each roundtable will feature a discussion of the latest quantum news, an analysis of developments within the quantum industry, and a follow-up on predictions the analysts have previously made.

Participants in the roundtable include:

“With developments happening so fast, it is critical for people engaged in the quantum industry to have objective, expert sources that can help them separate the hype from reality,” said König. “The panelists will bring their own professional acuity, wit and insights to a vigorous and lively discussion regarding the industry each month.”

In the inaugural episode, the five experts share their unique perspective during an engrossing debate that touches upon:

  • Company Claims: Can D-Wave Systems manage the Port of Los Angeles bottlenecks? (time marker: 0:44)
  • Mergers and Consolidations: Will full-stack companies win the day? (time marker: 5:04)
  • Standing Out in the Quantum Crowd: How do you differentiate yourself in the market? (time marker: 14:20)
  • Matchmaker, Matchmaker: How do you find the right quantum business partner? (time marker: 17:15)
  • A Seat at the Table: How to navigate an unknown future in the quantum world (time marker: 20:47)

Academic researchers, governments and private industry the world over are seeking to leverage the counter-intuitive behaviors of sub-atomic particles to create groundbreaking new applications in computing, sensing, and communications that promise unprecedented levels of performance and benefit.

About Quantum World Entangled

Quantum World Detangled (QWD) strives to bring the most relevant, unbiased information on the Quantum Tech ecosystem from around the world. QWD puts faces to names, introduces interesting people to its audience and provides them with a platform to share their story through a series of videocasts.


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