About the Features and Articles Portal

The Features and Articles Portal aims to showcase greater diversity of perspectives on -- and stories about -- the scientific endeavor beyond single-study news releases. 

Feature Stories cover science-related "evergreen" content -- stories that are not necessarily time-sensitve. Examples include:

  • A profile of, or Q&A with, a scientist 
  • An overview of a research project
  • Updates on past, ongoing, or future projects

Article Highlights are descriptions of one or more peer-reviewed studies published at any time with the aim of providing greater context of a line of inquiry.

Disctinctive from other parts of EurekAlert!, Feature Stories and Article Highilghts:

  • have a disctinctive look from News Releases
  • are accessible through this portal
  • are indexed by internal and external search engines
  • are not displayed in news release feeds
  • are not distributed by email alerts to reporter-members.

For more information on what qualifies as Feature Stories and Article Highlights, consult the editorial guidelines and this blog post.